Landon’s Gourmet Kitchen is a startup casual dining restaurant located in San Diego, CA. Landon’s unique offering is a farm-to-table approach to casual dining with an emphasis on family friendly dining. Landon’s offers on-site childcare for parents who choose to dine without children, but keep them close. Sustainable, locally-grown foods are offered at reasonable prices.

Our Story

Announcing Landon’s Gourmet Kitchen: A Restaurant Serving Gourmet Food With On-Site Childcare

I’m so excited to tell you about Landon’s Gourmet Kitchen, a new restaurant we’re opening in San Marcos in 2017.

My husband Garrett and I decided to open a farm-to-table, casual dining restaurant with on-site childcare after my son, Landon, was born. We realized we couldn’t go out to eat without a huge production. We had to find and hire a babysitter we could trust. Then (IF she didn’t cancel), we had to spend 15 minutes showing her where to find everything and letting her know what my son needed before we could get out the door.

Then we had to make sure we were back right on time and apologize profusely if we were late.

Plus, it was expensive! Do you ever feel like this?

Landon’s Gourmet Kitchen allows you to make last-minute plans—a luxury most parents simply don’t get to experience!

Our on-site play area for children allows you to bring your kids while still enjoying your dining experience. No reservations required.

Stay as long as you like and enjoy our casual dining atmosphere and fresh, California cuisine.

I hope Landon’s can give parents a chance to connect and spend some quality time together, without the hassle!

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