When will Landon’s Gourmet Kitchen be open?

Landon’s will be open five days a week and the hours of operation will be:

SUMMER – Restaurant Hours

Monday: Closed.

Tuesday: Closed.

Wednesday – Friday : Lunch from 11:00 – 2:00, Dinner from 5:00 – 9:00

Saturday & Sunday: Brunch from 10:00 – 3:00, Dinner from 5:00 – 9:00

SUMMER – Playroom Hours

Monday: Closed.

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday – Thursday: 5pm-9pm

Friday: 11am-2pm & 5pm-9pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10am-3pm & 5pm-9pm

What type of food will Landon’s serve?

Landon’s menu will consist of fresh, farmer’s market style cuisine. Some menu items will change, depending on the season.

When is the supervised Playroom open?

SUMMER – Playroom Hours

Monday: Closed.

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday – Thursday: 5pm-9pm

Friday: 11am-2pm & 5pm-9pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10am-3pm & 5pm-9pm

What will the cost be to use the child care services?

  • 1 child $8.00/hour
  • 2 children $12/hour
  • 3 children $16/hour
  • 4+ children $20/hour

Childcare services will be prorated at 15 minute increments.

What services are offered in the Playroom?

Landon’s Playroom will be a place of enrichment, offering educational opportunities, not just one of supervised play. Children will be encouraged to read books, make arts and crafts, participate in group activities, and do homework.

Activities will include:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Group games and book readings
  • Magicians, face painting, science experiments will be offered, promoted and scheduled on the website calendar
  • Homework help will be offered
  • Healthy meals and snacks will be offered
  • Movies and individual quiet time will be encouraged starting at 7:30 p.m. for younger children and 8:00 p.m. for older children.
  • Book scavenger hunts that encourage children to read and look in different books for clues that result in a prize
  • Alternatively, iPad tablets will also be available, upon request, and parents can set a limited “screen time” for their child.

Will there a maximum number of children allowed in the Playroom?

Yes. Fifteen – twenty children will be allowed in the Playroom at a time.

How do I check my child into the Playroom?

  • All forms must be signed prior to the drop off of any children to Landon’s Playroom
  • At check-in, parents will be given a security tag that must be presented at check-out. An additional security tag will be printed with the child’s name and is to be worn on the child at all times.
  • Parents are required to share any special instructions, requirements or needs regarding children prior to finalizing check-in

What will be on the kids' menu?

Parents have the option of either choosing their child’s meal or allowing their child to choose his or her meal independently. Landon’s kids’ menu will include healthy meal choices made with vegetable puree and organic ingredients, when available.

Traditional items like chicken strips, spaghetti, and grilled cheese sandwiches are also available. Meal prices will vary depending on age.

Is there a way for me to monitor my kid’s child care activities while I’m in the dining area?

The Playroom will have a window that will allow for parents and guardians to visually see and check-in on their child(ren).

What is the staff to child ratio guidelines?

For the safety of the children, we strive to have the following ratios whenever possible.

(Childcare staff: Children)

  • Toddlers (12 months-2 years) – 1:10
  • Ages 3-4 – 1:15
  • Ages 5-12 – 1:20

Landon’s is not a licensed childcare facility.

How often is the children’s area cleaned?

All equipment, toys, mats, etc. are cleaned, washed, and sanitized on a daily basis or as needed for spills and accidents.

Will there be a Nursery/Mother’s area available for guests?

coming soon…

What’s the age restriction for Landon’s playroom?

  • Maximum age for Landon’s playroom is Six (6) years.
  • Minimum age for Landon’s playroom is Twelve (12) months.


  • Older siblings may be permitted
  • At management’s discretion, all ages may be permitted during slow periods
  • Children of all ages may be permitted for large group reservations, if the Playroom is not at capacity.

Will you allow sick children into Landon’s playroom?

Children must check in cleanly, in good health and with a clean diaper (for health and safety reasons, parents will be paged if a diaper needs changing). Further, children who have a runny nose, cough, or fever will not be permitted in Landon’s playroom, which all illnesses are determined by staff discretion. Aggressive behavior will not be permitted: parents will be notified immediately. Spill-proof containers and sippy cups are allowed, but must be labeled with child’s name. Lastly, no personal snacks or toys are allowed in Landon’s playroom. 

Can I check my child in and leave?

No. Parents and guardians must remain on premises for the duration of your child’s stay. Also, the Playroom is only available to patrons of Landon’s Gourmet Kitchen while dining.

Is there a children’s bathroom available for my child?

No. If your child has an accident or needs to use the restroom, you will be paged and required to escort him or her to the restaurant’s restrooms

If my child misbehaves, does Landon’s staff use any disciplinary actions?

The staff may use “sitting time” as a form of discipline. The amount of time depends on the child’s age (one minute per year of age). Parents may be paged, if needed.

Will Landon’s Gourmet Kitchen serve alcohol?

Yes, a wine and beer selection will be available.

Does Landon’s have a dress code? If so, then what is the dress code?

Landon believes in providing a comfortable dining experience for our guests. The dress code is casual.

If I don’t have kids, can I still dine at Landon’s Gourmet Kitchen?

Yes, you can! We welcome everyone to Landon’s.

Is Landon’s a licensed childcare facility?

No. Parents must remain on premises at all times.

How is Landon’s involved in the community?

Landon’s offers discounts for military, law enforcement and 1st responders. We donate 10% of profits to charity and host community fundraisers. We also offer great employee benefits and are environmentally friendly in our kitchen, waste management processes and with the materials we use.